Regulatory Corner

Recent Key Regulatory Filings

JCP&L Base Rate Case: ER23030144

Initial Filing (filed 3/16/2023)

Maryland Base Rate Case: No. 9695

Initial Filing (filed 3/22/2023)

Other Select Regulatory Proceedings (Link To Dockets)


Grid Mod II Filing: 22-0704-EL-UNC

HB6 Related Investigations:


Legal Entity Consolidation: A-2023-3038771

New Jersey

NJ Management Audit: EA20110733

West Virginia

Annual ENEC Filing: 22-0793-E-ENEC

Solar Generation Projects Proceeding: 21-0813-E-US

Depreciation Rate Filing: 23-0030-E-D


Commission Investigation into Ohio-Related Activities: 9667


WPP, MP, and PE Transmission Formula Rate Settlement Discussions: ER21-253 & ER21-265

Pennsylvania Legal Entity Consolidation: EC23-59